27 January 2007

Ch Vistablu Nelson Touch
Champion Vistablu Nelson Touch was born 1st November 1984 and was owned by Charles and Ida Sills. He will be remembered by many as was the the only dog to have won 47 Challenge Certificates. He has also been B.O.B 35 times. This very successful dog's last Challenge Certificate was awarded to him from the Veteran class at Crufts in 1993. Wow, what a star!


Tricia said...

What an absolutely beautiful dog. I love this topic.

maureen said...

i have heard a lot about this dog, but never saw him,great snap of him

Old B*stard said...

He was a lovely dog but a bit of a pain if you were competing against him. Nobody with a dog got a look in for years! Towards the end he was winning tickets even when he was dragged round the ring. A shame to see for such a great dog. He was not used at stud much because he was an obligate carrier of CT.