31 January 2007

Willow Wind Tenure (Ten)


Dorothy said...

Even though the mane and ear pom- poms are ailien to the English show scene, this Bedlington has the lovely flowing lines that are characteristic of this breed.

Martin said...

lovely Dog

_Prefer him without all the 'chalk'

Anonymous said...

Is this the alleged schizoid dog which was shown on one side of the USA whilst mating a bitch on the other coast on the same day, or was that another dog?

Anonymous said...

dont know what to say.

Charlene Dwyer said...

This is not the Bedlington you are referring to. If that rumor was indeed true, the dog in question was Ch. Willow Wind Centurian. But this ight also just be a mean spirited story.

Catherine Maven said...

You have beautiful dogs! I am trying to locate a blue female for my companion. Do you have any suggestions that may help? I had a Bedlington, and if I could adopt "10" more, I would!

Thank you so for your kindfulness! I look forward to connecting with you ASAP!

With kindest regards,