27 February 2007

Bedlington owners have a great sense of humour and here is your chance to prove it! Can you write a funny Bedlington limerick? If we can get at least ten I will forward them to the Bedlington Terrier Association to be included in their next Bulletin. I will write the first one, If I can do it so can you!
This is fantastic, how an imaginative, funny and inventive you all are! Lets have more! Sunday is cut off day, so keep writing! I will then print and send a copy to the BTA
Show update
We will be taking photos on Saturday the 3rd March at Swindon And District Canine Society and then at Crufts on the 10th March.

Just had my hair done for Crufts!

And me too!

25 February 2007

Served you right! You should have taken me outside not stayed in here all day eating stale bread thingamejig pie!
Here is another set of photos taken with a 2nd camera during the MBTC show.
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show
Mrs Dorothy Owen the judge, had a fantastic entry yesterday with Best Of Breed going to Stewart Yearley's Harry, "Ch Lowbrook LLaffan JW ShCM". We all enjoyed the day, many thanks to the organisers and especially all those who helped with the competitions and catering.

24 February 2007

Stop Press
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show
BOB went to Stewart Yearley with Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW. ShCM. Reserve went to Mollora Kristi Marie with Janmark ShCM. Best Puppy went to Janmark Tigiavanell of De-Bussey.
Congratulations to all the winners, I am far too tired to post the photos tonight. Tune in tomorrow, night night!

23 February 2007

What next! Here are a set of Russian Bedlington stamps. Once again thanks to Billy for this find
Thank you Paula it must have been very difficult, there were some fantastic entries, the Bedlington crowd have a great sense of humour! Thank you to everyone who entered it's been fun.
Paula wrote:
Well that was some competition!! The photo's great and the entries have been really strong, it's been really difficult to narrow the field down with so many very apt song titles I think I've got a few more grey hairs! I'd like to thank everyone who entered and gave me plenty to smile about.

This is worse than judging the dog match last autumn! LOL
But as usual there can only be one winner so, in time honoured TV fashion (drum roll)
..........................................................................You Are So (sew) Beautiful To Me.... posted by Sandra Waller.
Sandra your bottle of wine is already in the van!
Ch Afton Jessie
This is an interesting photo as the Bedlington on the bottom photo is a son of Blythe Bob, don't have any dates for this one! Thanks Billy for the photo.
Don't forget today is caption judging day, Paula certainly has her work cut out, I will let you know as soon as she has decided on a winner. Tomorrow Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show with a huge entry of 80. Good luck to all those who have entered!

Boy and his Bedlingtons

Has anyone got any information on this lovely old photo? Thanks Kevin for sharing with us.

"Spike" a Rillington cross Gutchcommon Puppy

I have never seen a Rillington bred puppy, thank you to David Bruce for this photo.

22 February 2007

Pengerrig Pups

This time a hard working lady, Enid has been busy making her litter of pups. That must be Mum with the white face.
Blythe Bob

This photo of "Blythe Bob" was taken in 1897, owned by John Douglas who was a gamekeeper at Clumber Park. Thank you to Dave Bruce for this lovely old picture. If you have any old dated Bedlington photos do send them in and we will see how far back we can go.

21 February 2007

I can't see a thing without my specs, that's better, isn't he just delicious, them sandy men have the wow factor, just look at those muscles and hare feet. I am going to print him out for a special place in my kennel. What a dream dog!

Competition Time!
A little more difficult thie time. Can you think of a SONG TITLE as a caption to this bedlie and his toy? As Paula won the last competition she can judge the entries. The competition will close next Friday 23rd at Midday. Good Luck!

20 February 2007

This is Meg another working girl, her job is to guard an aviary of canaries from the neighbourhood cats! She is definitely on the lookout in this photo.

Forget all the others photos, this has to be the real Working Bedlington! This working girl is about to log on to Bedlington Pictures for a Bedlie News update!
Song Caption
Don't forget the closing date for the song caption is Friday lunch time, see if we can get the entries up to at least 100, lets make Paula work for her lemon cake!

Dotty the very inquisitive pup has decided to help with the washing up. Thank you Lesley Butler for the photo.

19 February 2007

Mr Terry Thorn
Mr Terry Thorn one of our championship show judges is also not well. On behalf of Bedlington Pictures we wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to meeting you again very soon in the Bedlington ring.
A message from Lesley Butler
I would like to thank everyone for their get well wishes. To those who sent flowers, cards or rang. Still a way to go yet but hopefully I will get there. So until I am able to see you all again please keep in touch and again many thanks.
Regards all,
Lesley Butler.

18 February 2007

Ecco wins Reserve Best In Show
Get out the bubbly, what a great weekend for the breed! Ecco takes Reserve Best In Show At Cardiff . Many congratulations to Enid with Pengerrig Iron Duke. Ecco won AVNSC Terrier and the group under Mr Paul Wilkinson. The best In Show Judge was Mr J Stubbs.
Maureen has her work cut out trimming this pooch !
Underneath all that coat is a lovely Bedlington.
Show Update
We will be taking photos at the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show next Saturday. The judge for this show is Mrs Dorothy Owen who has a fantastic entry of 80 Bedlingtons.
Maidenhead Video
Video clip of Parker at Maidenhead click here.

17 February 2007

Maidenhead And District Canine Society Show. Bedlington Judge Mrs Linda Gent. Reserve Best In Breed and Best Puppy went to Gnejabay Zena Of Bugibba (above).

Well here is Parker (Still can't believe it). Photos of all the Bedlingtons to follow shortly.
Bedlington Judge Mrs Linda Gent.
Group Judge Mr Neil Straw.
Best In Show Judge Miss Jenny Dove. Many thanks to all the judges who made our day.

Whose afraid of the big bad rat , I wonder who is hiding behind the spade?

Come out, come out where ever you are!

16 February 2007

Show updates
We will be taking photos at the Maidenhead And District Canine Society Show tomorrow. Mrs Linda Gent will be judging an entry of 16 bedlingtons in four classes.

This is the prize for the winner of the song title caption. A fine vintage! Click on the photo to appreciate the quality of this wonderful wine.

Congratulations to Billy and Ben, wow what fantastic rosettes!

15 February 2007

This is Kevin's Molly with Buster the Springer

I caught that dirty rat, no you didn't I did!

We're a couple of swells we stop at the best hotels but we prefer the country away from the city smells!

14 February 2007

Stop Press
The judge for Southern Counties Championship Show 2007 is Dr. Monica Bogia- Black.

Ken said,
A good bedlington friend had asked me if I had seen the messages he read them out to me as I am not on the internet. It was a wonderful surprise and I went around for the rest of the day with a big smile on my face, thank you everyone for this wonderful surprise it made me a very happy boy.
I wonder what made us laugh? ( click on photo to enlarge)

13 February 2007

12 February 2007

Congratulations to Maureen Wright who took Best Of Breed at the Cheltenham and Distrct Canine Society Show with Minty (Toffset Tickadeboo). Dr Hefin Jones OBE judged a good entry of quality Bedlingtons. Minty went on to win the terrier group. Bisbee Blue Max was best puppy in breed and he too went on to take first place in the terrier puppy group. What a wonderful day for the breed!
Many congratulations to Stewart Yearley and the lovely Cilla (Lowbrook Lookin For Trouble ) who took Best of Breed and went on to win the Terrier Group at Worthing last Saturday. Photo by Tracy Morgan.
Keep tuning in for the photos and video clips of Cheltenham.
Mr Ken Bounden
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ken, happy birthday to you.
Ken lots of love to you today from all your friends and admirers world wide. You are our star in the world of Bedlingtons.

11 February 2007

We now have a winner! Thanks goes to Billy for judging the competition. This competition has been lots of fun, every time I logged on there were some really inventive new names.
The winner of "name the bedlie toy" is Paula with the name "Jools".
Billy said this made made him laugh the most, in fact he said he is still smiling now! Congratulations Paula, Grandma's lemon cake is patiently waiting in the freezer. Hope to see you at Crufts.

10 February 2007

Great photo of Phoebe and Piper, they certainly look like they are enjoying the deep snow.Thank you Paula for sharing with us.

09 February 2007

Good morning Bedlingtons this is your mummy Betty. With all this bad weather about I am here to remind you that you must belt up for every journey, remember " stay safe"!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It sure is cold out there mum!

Well I hear it is still snowing in Wales today! This is a brave Bedlie wearing his new white wellington boots. Thank you Enid for sending me this photo of Ecco, it certainly looks like he has had a great time out in the snow.

08 February 2007

There are 97 Bedlingtons taking part with an overall entry of 100. A great entry for Mr Stewart Yearley who is judging the breed this year.

Good Morning! Well we have got six inches of snow here this morning and it is still coming down. Parker thinks it's fun but the girls are not too sure!
What's the snow like where you are?

06 February 2007

Spring is just round the corner!
Good evening SNOW, SNOW and more snow is forecast for us tonight, just thought a nice spring photo would help to us on the way warmer times! Talking about winter wonderland get your cameras out, no excuse now not to send me scenes of your bedlington out playing and making snow balls! I need your help to keep this photo blog going not many photos left in my box!

This a cute photo of Tango with her three daughters Snap, Crackle and Pop, theses pups were only four days old when this was taken.

Thank you Dorothy for sharing with us.

05 February 2007

Mrs Jacqui Hurley's CV
Mrs Jacqui Hurley is one of two candidates standing for election as secretary of the BTA. Mrs Hurley's CV will be sent out to all BTA members. However, for those in a rush for a read click the link below.
Click Here For CV

04 February 2007

Fralex Calibre Phillie
Whether you would like to learn the finer points of dog handling or a complete beginner, this DVD will teach you how to get the very best performance from your dog in the show ring.
Handling Showdogs the Hurley Way – DVD The DVD is divided into easily accessible sections and covers the 5 show ring patterns, the 3 show ring turns, lead and voice control, gaiting skills, tablework, showing the bite and teeth and stacking and shadowing. Further viewing reveals information on the moving judge, gaiting two dogs together, exercises for training clubs, medal award scheme, Jacqui Hurley's biography and further learning matrials.
For more information or to order a DVD please contact Jacqui at Jacqui@fralex.co.uk