27 February 2007

Bedlington owners have a great sense of humour and here is your chance to prove it! Can you write a funny Bedlington limerick? If we can get at least ten I will forward them to the Bedlington Terrier Association to be included in their next Bulletin. I will write the first one, If I can do it so can you!
This is fantastic, how an imaginative, funny and inventive you all are! Lets have more! Sunday is cut off day, so keep writing! I will then print and send a copy to the BTA


Lesley Caines said...

A striking blue Bedlie from Eaton
At every show was beaten
He shampooed in blond die
Bought sparkle drops for the eye
And entered the ring with the wheatens!

Maureen said...

Ozzi the Bedlington terrier dog,
Got lost one night on the hills in the fog,
Our poor litle boy out there on the wold,
Nothing for tea away from our fold,
With hat,wellies lamp in hand,
Goes Elwyn and Maureen to search all the land,
Suddenly caught in the light,
Like a beacon his topknot shines proud in our sight.
Thank goodness sighs Elwyn,
Shouts Mareen with glee,
It's Ozzi,it's Ozzi, come,come to me!
it's raining hard,it's foggy and wet,
But their hearts are warmed by finding their pet.
The moral of this story has now been told, don't let him run lose in the fog and the cold.

Ferret Man said...

Ive got a dog, who eats like a hog,
I though get it to show, Ill give it a go,
He Waltzed round the ring,thinking he was the king,
Tailed held high, it made me sigh.
Took him to training, even though it was raining,
Tried to move him around, he prefered to go to ground,
Combed out his top knot, he said, I think not!
Bedlington Terrier I am, please dont dress me as lamb.

In reply to ferret man said...

I am a Bedlington NON terrier.
A little ball of fluff,
Meant for the show ring not rabbiting stuff!
I am bred to look pretty, so light on my feet,
Every head turns when I'm in the steet,
I don't do rain, I don't do snow, I don't go out if the wind should blow,
I love my chicken, I love my steak, I don't do dog food but partial to cake!
Yes I am lucky I live in a house,
Sleep on mum's bed, ignore the pet mouse.
Bask in the sun, lay on the sofa, never go out to catch that gofer.
Beautifully trimmed with pink and blue collars,
I am a Bedlington NON terrier worth hundreds of dollars!

Stu said...

A Bedlington owner called Jean
Invented a grooming machine
It ran smooth as butter
With shampoo and cutter
And boy did the dogs come out clean

Anonymous said...

A Bedlington came from Devizes
With tassles of different sizes.
One was so small it was no use at all
But the big one won several prizes

Viv said...

A Bedlington Terrier from Crewe
Had a coat of the steeliest blue.
Although naturally white,
She used dye every night.
As she said, "It's cos I'm worth it too!"

Anonymous said...

A Bedlington puppy called Myrtle
Had a night long affair with a turtle
The very next morn'
She gave birth to a prawn
Which proves that the turtle was furtle

diane said...

There's a man in the North East called Billy
Who's got three beddies some think silly
When offered one more, he got into his car
and....ended up 300 miles in Caerphilly !

TinaW said...

I know a beddie-a ratter
Rain,hail or shine doesn't matter
He runs down fox holes
Then goes digging for moles
The dog is as mad as a hatter!

Tina W said...

There once was a bedlington boy
whose mummy did buy him a toy
he ripped it to bits
then begged for tit-bits
but brought them both laughter and joy.

Tina w said...

This bedlington did get a 1st place
Oh!what a terrible disgrace
in hi topknot was chalk
this did make the judge baulk
but gave the owner a nice smiley face.

tina w said...

There once was a beddie called tilley
she "played up " to the boys willy nillie
when she came into season
for some unknown reason
the knickers she wore they were frilly.

Tina W said...

A black beddie puppy was born
at 6 weeks its coat was all shorn
it turned out to be blue
a lovely deep hue
this made the owners forlorn.

Anonymous said...

A bedlington stud dog called Reg
Took a pretty young bitch in a hedge
When the girly got fat
A man in a hat
Cut off his meat and two veg.

The terrier man said...


Liver or sandy blue with some white,
A'nt no difference in the terrier man's sight,
All brown with mud digging all day.
Scratching the the straw, sifting through hay,
The bedlington terrier tunnel visioned, so game.
A lion in sheep's clothing so true to his name!

Working all day in barn, shed and byre,
Snoozing all night on the hearth by the fire,
Terrier men and Bedlngtons are one!
Never feared by the rain, storm or the gun!
This little terrier and his master will be,
Part of our heritage and a big part of me!

Stu said...

A Bedlington came from Westphalia
Who's topknot looked just like a dahlia
He went down a storm at Chelsea and Kew
But Crufts was a terrible failure

Anonymous said...

A Bedlington pup from Darjeeling
Boarded a bus labelled Ealing
It said on the door
Please don't pee on the floor
So he leant back and peed on the ceiling

Sandra said...

A Rotherview girl from Skewhill
Went to the vets for the pill
Blue, thought he'd be lucky
But Misty got mucky
with a Rotweiller up on the hill

Mark said...

I,m a pup named 'Q',
Who was desperate to go to the loo,
On my fist time out at Freehay,
I let the Pee trickle my way,
I thought my dad would shout,
Instead he said nowt!
It did not spoil our day,
& we are now looking forward to May.

Anonymous said...

A whippet, with just one big bound
Set a Bedlington free from the pound
A night on the tiles
Saw both dogs with smiles
And lurcher pups running around

Anonymous said...

A Bedlington bitch name of Diesel
Got her coat tangled up with a teasel
Her jacket was torn
As she rolled on the lawn
'Til she stank like a stoat or a weasel.

petra said...

can you put your names to your entry because if they go into the b.t.a.bulletin, it would be lovely to see your name,what do you think?

Pat said...

Ode to a puppy

But Ma and Pa call me sweet,
So I had better not go and chomp,
Instead I'll go and have a romp,
It's very hard when your only one,
To be good and just lie here in the sun.