10 March 2007

Crufts 2007, Bedlingtons

BOB goes to............. Bisbee Benvenuto congratulations to Dorothy Owen. No news on the group yet.


Mark said...

Congratulations Dorothy!

maureen said...

group results are,

1. wire.
2. dandy.
3. welsh.
4. scoty.

tina w said...

CONGRATULATIONS! sorry I didn't get a chance to offer them yecterday..hectic.

maureen said...

well done to the owens team..

the photos will be on the website tomorrow night, and i have been informed there are plenty to view..

maureen said...

mark good tely presentation that was a nice surprize you did not expect that.

coverage of crufts is 7.30.P.M. sunday. BEST IN SHOW.

Mark said...

Crufts Coverage tonight starts at 7pm.

Do not turn on late or you will miss it!

I will hopefully receive a telephone call this afternoon, asking me to pop into the studio & do a little 'resume' on the show (lol).

maureen said...

sorry for the mistake good job i have mark / ben, looking out for me , i hope no one tunes in to late,i am sorry,but i must admit i was tired this morning.