19 March 2007

Dog food recall in the USA
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List of Symptoms
Menu Foods Inc., whose products are sold under dozens of brand names, announced Saturday that it was recalling 50 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food. The "cuts and gravy" style products, sold in cans and pouches, are marketed nationwide by retailers such as Wal-Mart, Safeway and PetSmart. Consumers kept a phone line (866-895-2708) set up by Menu Foods busy all weekend. The Food and Drug Administration advises consumers immediately to stop using the products, listed at menufoods.com/recall, and consult their veterinarians if pets show signs of kidney failure. In a statement on the FDA website, Menu Foods says it hasn't discovered the cause of the problem. Complaints about animal illness coincided, however, with the introduction of an ingredient from a new supplier. Menu Foods says it has stopped using the ingredient.

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"We take these complaints very seriously," Paul Henderson, Menu Foods' president and CEO, said in the statement. "We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our products maintain the very highest quality standards." Laurie Miller, a veterinarian at the Hope Center for Advanced Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Va., says she has received "flurries" of calls; she now is treating a 2-year-old German shepherd that developed diarrhea and vomiting after eating a type of Iams dog food included in the recall.

Signs of Trouble
Experts advise owners to call their veterinarian if a pet has eaten recalled food and shows symptoms of possible kidney failure. An animal could be in trouble if it:· Stops eating· Appears tired and lifeless· Seems excessively thirsty· Urinates much more than usual· Vomits· Has diarrhea· Seems to have abdominal painSource: USA Today
The dog's owners, who heard about the recall on the TV news, originally thought their pet had caught a stomach bug when he was boarded in a kennel, Miller says. The owners became frightened when the dog threw up black material that looked like blood. Those symptoms could be caused by kidney failure, says Miller, who is running tests of the dog's blood. The kidneys contain many tiny filters that help the body excrete toxins. A buildup of toxins can make animals feel nauseated. Miller says the German shepherd, although initially dehydrated, has a good chance of recovery. He's young and healthy, she says, and his owners haven't fed him any of the food since Saturday.
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Lesley Caines said...

It just makes you think about the ingredients that go into the so called balanced healthy diet the dog food companies spend millions promoting with their glossy advertising!

Also I did not realise one company was making 51 different brands of dog food to include top brands such as Iams, Nutro, Hills Pet Nutrition Eukanuba and Purina.
I don't know of any of this food is imported into the UK!

maureen said...

worrying times thankyou for the info lesley,people feeding these products must be concerned

Lesley Caines said...

The recall covers the company's 'cuts and gravy' style food, which consists of chunks of meat in gravy, sold in cans and small foil pouches between Dec. 3 and March 6 throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

No problem here!

Tina W said...

Goodness,it makes you wonder if you are doing right for doing wrong,Let's hope this scare doesn't reach these shores.

Lesley Caines said...

Menu Foods is a HUGE pet food manufacturer, producing pet food for many companies. It is the leading North American private-label/contract manufacturer of wet pet food products sold by supermarket retailers, mass merchandisers, pet specialty retailers and other retail and wholesale outlets. In 2006, the Fund produced more than one billion containers.

I am wondering if there is such a dog food manufacurer producing large quantities of dog food food to individual companies in this country?

Lesley Caines said...

More interesting reading on rendering plants.

Go to the Canine Health Concern website, go to "feeding" at the top of the page scroll down to "rendering".

It certainly opens up your eyes to what has gone on behind locked doors!

The deleted comment above was mine too many spelling mistakes!

20 March, 2007 17:53