25 March 2007

UK Agility Newbury 24th and 25th March 2007
Our first show the season got under way in what seemed like arctic conditions, but the weather certainly did not dampen the dogs spirits. Saturday was very damp and cold but the dogs were eager to run. I messed up the agility in the morning by by running the wrong course (a senior moment I think) but made up for it in the afternoon in the jumping competiton when both Diesel and Fudge ran clear rounds, with Diesel finishing her round in very fast time to come fourth.
Today seemed a little warmer thank goodness, and Diesel ran a terrific steeplechase event this morning going clear in a fast time and again this afternoon ran another clear round in the agility which was fast enough to earn her third place. My old girl Chelsea, who will be eleven this year also ran a clear round a little slower to come home fourth.
We certainly had a lovely weekend but I am always a little saddened by the absence of any other Bedlingtons at agility events.


Martin said...

Well done Lesley and the girls!!

Tina W said...

crickey lesley you must be so fit!
Doing an agility course would finish me off I think.

maureen said...

well done lesley that was great,, it looks cold there,,tina's right you must be fit..good job its not me, the dog would be looking for me an hour after it had finished.

maureen said...

i think you should send this vidio to ROYAL CANIN for advertising them,

Anonymous said...

Leslie you should be so proud! This is what will always keep your mind and heart young!