29 May 2007

Bedlington Blog News
Yesterday was a very special Bedlington day. First Many congratulations to all the new Bedlington mums. Thank you to Mathew for all the updates, we have all been thinking about Mouse over the last few days. Fantastic news about Dawn and Louie winning best in Show yesterday, the champagne must have flowing up North last night. Yesterday kept me on this computer for hours, unfortunately no pay but we had 254 hits to the blog , this was 100 hits over our last record. Thank you so much for all your support, keep the photos coming and look forward to seeing lots more pictures of Mouse and Lil's babies.


Tina W said...

Well done to Dawn and Louie for BIS
yesterday!!Gosh aren't the pups lovely I could have them all.

Mark said...

Well done Dawn, he looked cracking!

Dont know where the champagne went mind? Didnt even get a cup of coffee of you yesterday!
Had to rely on Mr & Mrs Lewis for beverages. LOL

matthew said...

well done dawn yesterday.
sorry for ringing you so early this morning but wanted to tell the world.
jb will you make us a sign please?

dawn said...

thanks very much tina and mark you will get in were water carnt eny were for a free cuppa ha well we will celabrate on sunday at the meet that will keep your face straight wally and matty its ok i no how you feel your fist babies and yes jb will make you a sign thanks to all thoes that have congratulated louie