29 May 2007

Many congratulations to our Mouse Mathew and Ann-Marie!
Mathew was woken up by squeaking at 1:30am. Mouse has had four pups 1 dog and 3 bitches, no problems at all, she did everything her self, Mathew just drank cup after cup of tea. These pictures are the first pup and after the last one.


Lesley Caines said...

Fantastic, you must be delighted, it is just amazing how they know what to do,nature is a wonderful thing! have a great day with your new family and many congratulations from all of us here at bedlingtonpictures.

Jill said...

Well done Mouse. And congratulations to Matthew and Ann-Marie.
Have fun with the pups:)


maureen said...

well mathew / ann marie / i bet your glad that is over,great to have 3 b 1 d i bet you are over the moon,,,very well done for keeping cool, we have all been thinking of you..... when you get time you can tell us who won the coverted prize.

Tina W said...

At last,I kept nipping on the blog yesterday to see what was happening with mouse!!Congratulations Mathew and Ann-marie and well done mouse.

dawn said...

well done moues new you would not let the team down four lovley babies now the work starts matty and anne marie good luck the day i met matty and anemarie was the day louie won best in show at sedgfeild so nice for us to win best in show again when one of our babies was having babies louie now has 30 group one terrier wins lets hope moues and her babies follow in her farthers and grandfarethers footsteps

maureen said...

well done dawn... i bet mathew / and annmarie have big smiles now,,we will watch for more snaps as they get older.

matthew (proud dad) said...

hi everyone.

thanks for all the help.
special thanks to dorothy, mark and dawn.
thanks maureen for offering her help.
thank you dawn for letting us have mouse.
this last last 9 weeks has been very strange.
its alright telling everyone your dog is pregnant but when it comes to 6 weeks onwards you start shitting yourself, think i read too many books.
all we've had is 'shes not pregnant,she's not pregnant'.
well everyone we now have proof!!
its a very strange experience, nothing like i expected, probably because i was half asleep.
next time we will know what to expect.

maureen said...

well done mathew / annmarie / you will have to keep the photo's comming,,, it cetainly is a wonderfull experience, but a trying one.

Tina W said...

I cried with sheer emotion the first time I saw one of my pups being born-that was over 20 years ago and can say that I still find the experience emotional and a wonderful time.It's true what Lesley said the wonder of nature!
Enjoy the next eight weeks.

Tina W said...

My goodness Dawn didn't realise that Louie had so many group wins under his belt-excellent,bet you are so pleased.

Paula said...

Well done Mouse and congratulations Matthew and Anne Marie.

Know what you mean about reading too many books, I got emotional when the pups were born, it was sheer relief that mumand pups were all ok!

Enjoy the next few weeks, it goes so quickly.

dawn said...

its with great sadness and soreeyes that i have to say to day me and my brother had to say farwell to our beloved sasca de busseys loulells for the boys moueses mother sasca had been sufering with mastites and the vets have been working hard four weeks trying to clear it up but a infection set in and went to har lymph glands and she got worse so to day we had to say good buy to our beloved girl heart broken sasca was my fist show bitch and a beautifull girl in every way she leaves behind two heart broken young boys wich have grown up with her and my brother and hes wife aare devastaed me i can hardley speak a wek of joy and great sadness al at once matty anemarie maybe you will name one of your girls after their grandmother good bye de bussey louelis for the boys

mouse and grandchildren. said...

R.I.P mum

matthew and ann-marie said...

so sorry dawn.
our pup will be called sasca.x