31 May 2007

Midland Bedlington Fun Day
( Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Awards)
A Kennel Club examiner will be in attendance for those who wish to take the bronze award. The bronze award just requires the dog to be able to complete a few very basic disciplines. All dogs who have passed their bronze are eligible for the Good Citizen class at Crufts. To find out what is required for the test go to the KC website click on activities and events, click on Good Citizen Dog Scheme. The bronze award in not an obedience test more a test in good manners, so do have ago, all those that pass get a certificate and rosette, if you would like any more information drop me an email.


maureen said...

now is the time to practise,,, i did it once with a rescue dog, if i can do it, you can, and the dogs enjoy it.

Crufts winner said...

I should not be helping you all as Parker has won the G.C. dog class two years running at Crufts! It is definitely sooooooooooooo hard don't bother!

maureen said...

dont you put people of lesley, we want them to enter the bronze, not the gold,you are in a leage of your own

tania said...

les can you tell us the basics things we have to do for the bronze,you can explain in a way we can understand.thanks

Lesley Caines said...

First the dog must have an idnetification tag with the name and address and phone number of the owner
You must have a poo bag on you

1 It really is simple, the hardest part of the test is the one minute sit and stay. Put your dog into a sit or down position with lead on command your dog to stay drop your lead walk a few paces away, the dog should remain in a sit or down for one minute.
2 Walk on the lead without undue pulling.
3 Walk dog through a gate or doorway under control on the lead.
4 Controlled walk amongst people and dogs
5 Grooming, handler's ability to groom the dog without a struggle.
6 Examination of the dog by the insprctor, teeth paws etc
7 Return to handler, the handler releases the dog from the lead plays with it walks 10 paces away and calls the dog back to the handler.
8 Care and responsibility a few questions on the dogs needs and responsibilites of ownership.

There will the bronze award itinery sheets at the fun day so you can practise in the morning but I do recommend you down load the sheets from the internet as all the care and responsibility answers( just common sence not rocket science) are on the sheets.
Erica the examiner who is always in demand for obedience judging has kindly offered to take the tests and I really do hope we have lots of dogs having ago.