30 June 2007

Bedlington Blog Breaking News
Breaking news! The Durham County Show has been cancelled. Dr Hefin Jones OBE was due to judge the Bedlingtons but due to new regulations the society was going to be charged £16,000 for policing and they cannot afford.
Thank You Enid for the information.
Carlos Saevich willbe judging at SKC in August, in place of Terry Thorn. Postal entries close on Monday, online a week later.
Thanks to Viv Rainsbury for the information.


Tina W said...

What a bummer for all concerned.

billy said...

there is still a companion show on at durham

Anonymous said...

thats scraping the barrel.

Anonymous said...

i mean S.K.C.

Tricia said...

Why the huge policing fee? Do all of your shows have this kind of fee or is this because of recent developments over there with the car bombs?

enid said...

Apparently new regulations have been put in place and the County Show has so many visitors that it has been reclassified by the police as a commercial show not a community one. So they charge the organisers to police it. Unfortunately, they only found out about this late last week and did not have the time to organise funding. The secretary of the dog section told us that if the weather was bad and visitor numbers down they would not have the funds to pay the bills. Their only option was to cancel. there will be lots of disappointed people in that area.

Mark said...

Just heard the news myself today, its a great show to go to, with a full days entertainment, all for the cost of a dog entry.
It is always a good open show, with some strong competition.

You would of thought the do society section could have still held the show but at a different location?

I hope I am getting my money back?

I wonder what will happen to the Cleveland Show, it will be of a similar size?

billy said...

Tricia said...
Why the huge policing fee? Do all of your shows have this kind of fee

so trish,i take it you have not been to the north east of england.
need more police up here