26 June 2007

Bedlington Tuesday News
Tony Waller's brother was evacuated from his home at 3am as there is a possibility that the reservoir near his home in Rotherham might burst its banks, we will keep our fingers crossed that the water subsides and he can return home soon.
No problem with the show at Windsor but I am not so sure it is going to be very pleasant for all of you who are camping for South Wales. With the wet ground and all the coming and going on the camping area Newbury is going to have its toll! Let's hope for a few days sunshine.
Jon goes under the knife this afternoon, he still has a slight temperature and had to have a blood transfusion this morning but is fit enough for surgery. I know he is feeling OK as he is getting p....d off and bad tempered at laying there, goodness only knows what he will be like when he comes home. I will update you on his operation hopefully tonight.
Billy's Diane had to go into A and E for treatment after her skin condition flared up but is alright now. Diane can't possibly be out of action with all those pooches waiting for their baths and haircuts at the Million Hairs Grooming Parlour.
Unfortunately I won't be at Windsor this week really too difficult with daily hospital visits but if Jon is on the road to recovery I may be able to go next week as we are only just over an hour from Newbury. I am fairly good with a camera and have 400 shots on the memory card, I won't be able to take Jon's place with all those photos but should manage a few shots of the winning dogs.
The caravan pass arrived this morning for Harewood House I will post it on, sorry I don't have one for all of you .
If you have any news that you would like me to publish on here don't hesitate to call or email me.


Stu said...

Make the most of it Brian. Groundbait the garden and sit on the roof with your rod and line ready.

dawn said...

just been watching the news hope you all ok thinking of you if you need eny help we are here for you just ring

maureen said...

stue its not brian, its his other brother allan,,there are quite a few of them,

Mark said...

Well if he smokes cigars like Brian I hope he has kept them dry!

Its certainly been a bit incliment in the last week up this way.

Anonymous said...

Does Alan Fish too?