09 June 2007

BTA Rescue and Rehoming

The closing date for receipt of entries for the BTA Calendar photo competition is 30th June.

Carol Newton has asked me to remind you all to get clicking, as she has not received many photos. A fee of just £1 is to be sent with each photo submitted and all chosen photos will receive a free calendar. All the competition details and the address to send your entry is in the BTA Spring Bulletin. Proceeds from the sales of the calendars will be donated to Rescue and Rehoming.


Mark said...

What is the e-mail adress that you should send the photos to?

Lesley said...

Mark there is no email address but you can send photos to
Carol Newton
10 Neale Close
Leiston Suffolk
Ip16 4HJ

I will ask Carol if it is possible to eamil the photos to her