24 June 2007

The National Bedlington Terrier Rescue Conpanion Dog Show
Congratulations to Jane Graham who won Best Bedlington. I really wish we could have been there today.

The German Shepherd won Best in Show, the Smooth Fox Terrier won Reserve Best in Show and the Weimarana Best Puppy.
Many thanks go to Maureen and Elwyn Wright for the photos. ( More photos tomorrow).


Mark said...

I hope everybody had a great time & the rescue benefited from it.

We have been saying goodbye to 3 of our puppies this weekend as they went to their new homes & owners, wish we could keep them all.

maureen said...

cant you buy the old school, then you could keep them,are you keeping one?.i want to know the competition next year.

maureen said...

enlarge the 1st photo, and the dog between the fox terrier and the wermeraner, is a cross between a great dane and a springer spaniel, a lovely looking dog,that could catch on.

maureen said...

met some great people today at the show, and heard some sad stories but happy endings,well done to those people who work so hard on the rescue and rehoming,its a lot of hard work to organize a show to raise funds.

Anonymous said...

Yes Maureen, we met some lovely people on Sunday. It was most heartwarming to know so many unwanted beddies have been found loving and caring homes. A big thank you to the organisers and we hope they made plenty of funds to keep up the good work!
Jane & Trevor x
I was shocked as to how many beddies there are around here. I thought we were in a beddie desert!!!!