10 August 2007

Bedlington Blogg Friday Evening News
Mars To End Pedigree Dog Show Sponsorship .
The UK dog showing world has received a massive financial blow today with news from the Kennel Club that Mars Petcare is to end its 40 year Pedigree sponsorship of Group and General Championship Dog Shows at the end of the 2007 season.
We will be at Bourenouth tomorrow and hopefully WKC next week, Jon will have his camera and has now progressed to using crutches. He is doing really well and can now put a little weight weight on his leg. He can only take photos from a chair but hopefully we will have some to show you from the above shows.


maureen said...

thats great news jon,,,dont worry i am only 5 foot, so i will be o.k. for the snaps,,, i dont know about stuart. shame.

Tina W said...

Good luck for tomorrow and don't overdo it Jon.Hope to see you next week.

Mark said...

Thats great news, my mam got her pot off today, so everyones looking rosey!

maureen said...

what is a pot.i dont understand this northern lingo.

elaine said...

Maureen - will have to send you a phrase book - or arrange for you to visit us northern folk - we're really canny and the fishing is champion!!

A pot is a plaster of paris cast