06 August 2007

Betty Beach Ball picked up a few leaves after playing in the garden yesterday!
Thanks Billy for the photo.


green gardener said...

she's better than the things you can buy from b+q for sucking up leaves!!

Lorraine said...

Betty Beach Ball is such a fantastic name! :)

Why did you choose it for her, if you don't mind me asking?


matthew said...

have you ever seen her in the flesh??

Tina W said...

Yes there's certainly a lot of her!!but she's happy and lovely into the bargain.

Lesley Caines said...

Lorraine her name is Betty and I called her Betty Beach Ball as she came to the fun day with pink tassels, she has short legs and is some what podgy, Saying this she wins the prize for the fluffiest most cuddly bedlington I have ever met!

Lorraine said...

I see, thanks for letting me know. :)

She is obviously a good candidate for my Bedlington Alter Ego! ;)