19 August 2007

Moonshadow Bedlington Terriers

I would like to introduce to Jeannie Breslin and Moonshadow Bedlington Terriers. Jeannie is a keen photographer and has put together a collection of her puppy photos. Jeannie also runs the very successful Yahoo forum ( Bedlington L) which has many members world wide.

Bedlington-L : Bedlington-L Discussion Group Bedlington-L on Yahoo Groups is the oldest and largest discussion group dedicated to the Bedlington Terrier and the humans who love them. Their passion is to share the joys of Bedlington Terrier ownership. I am a member of Bedlington L and thought it would be nice to introduce the forum on the blogg as well as showing you her lovely photos.

Please click on link to view Jeannie's puppy photos

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