06 August 2007

In Memory of Shawn (double click arrow)

This video clip will bring tears to your eyes. Shaun lived up in Scotland with Marie and Kelly the Dalmatian.


Tina W said...

Very sad-It was emotional.

elaine said...

have had a bad day at work (normal)

deep and meaningful with graduate daughter who thinks dad will continue to fund her lifestyle -post qualiication (normal)

half a bottle of wine (or so)(sadly very normal)

and then this - too sad for words
have to admit to one or two tears shed -

Thank you for the clip - it made me me sigh - and decide not to throttle my daughter after all !!!!

Tricia said...

I have not had the courage to watch this yet. I plan on it tonight after work and I am sure I will cry my eyes out.

Tricia said...

Even all the more sad now that Kelly is gone too. Your Wee Lamb has Kelly now...together at the Rainbow Bridge.

Marie said...

Looking through lesley's site and discovered this was on here.
Well thats me in tears again.
My wee lamb and big girl both at rainbow bridge...

Thanks for putting this on your site though lesley x.