11 August 2007

Mary Godden who lives in cambridge with her new Mouse puppy Bridgette.


matthew said...

hi mary.
hope bridgette has settled in ok.
sasca rules the house.
when she wants to play everyone has to play.

Tina W said...

Hi Mary-glad bridgette settled in well-is that the one that came to Brailles to be collected?

matthew said...

one of them.

maureen said...

hello mary and pup,,, please send photos as she gets older its great to keep in touch.

Mary Godden said...

Hi - Bridget has settled in well with Brenda (Makems Honk Tonk Woman)although she seems to be the boss already! She is so funny and watching them play in the garden is fab! It will be nice when Bridget has had her vacs and i can take her out!
Will post a pic soon.