12 August 2007

Saltburn and District Canine Society Show ( Sunday 12th August)
Bedlington & Group judge Mrs M Boulcott.
BIS judge Mr Martin Phillips
1. Janmark Tigganello avec Debussey. BP & Puppy Grp1.
2. Cedar of the Manor
3. Janmark Alannora

P Graduate
1. Makems Precious Jewel Shcm
2. Miteymidgets Shooting Star
3. Airview Special Surprise

1. Mollora Kristi Marie with Janmark Shcm. BOB, Group 1 & RBIS.
2. Winfell Reward of Debussey Shcm.
3. Miteymidgets Sherman Tank

Many congratulations to to Mark and Jan, there were dogs 8 in the terrier group, what a fantastic win before being chosen for Reseve Best In Show!


Tina W said...

Well done to all winners-especially Jan and Mark for reserve best in show.

Martin said...

Congrats Mark & Jan for RBIS

Mark said...

Mr Jon (Bailey) Bussey, has hundreds of photographs to share of the 2 shows!

Mr Bussey also hit the ring running with his young whippet, having good placings on both days.

We have had 2 good shows in the past 2 days in the North East with a bit of good craich at both.

Tired Steve said...

Had good 2 days thanks to the real friendly group off bedlington owners we were showing with.Special
thanks to Dawn Bussey for helping with her magic comb.Glad im back at work tomorow need the rest hard work this show crack.

dawn said...

yeah we had a good weekend good crack and nice food steve feeling rough sataday nite and nacked to nite ha ha you will get use to it in time thanks to every body for attending these shows as it keeps the classes going we are the biggest terrier class in the northeast keep it up folks see you all at the weekend we northenres intend to party all invited

The rouge vino tinto said...

Bring on the Branston..........

Lesley Caines said...

Please can we have some photos please Mr Jon Bailey Bussey?

Jane G said...

Congratulations on RBIS, Mark & Jan.Steve don,t fear it gets easier the more shows you do, so keep up the good work!
Jane xxx

not so tired Steve said...

Thanks Jane its Dawn Bussey thats got me worn out we went chasing sheep on friday night at 12am.I think she thorght they were bedlingtons,I just wanted to count them and go to sleep.

sheep hearder dawn said...

oh yes what fun theire waas a full flock off sheep out of a feild on the road iwas so worried they would get hit by a car i had stev driving all over looking for the farmer to get them back in we were laughing our heads off getting chucked about all over going up dirt tracks to farm houes we must be mentel well i no i am were animals are concerned sos steve but you did get a good adventuer you never no what i will do next keeps you lot on your toes haha