14 August 2007

What a great time I am having romping on the beach!
This is a fantastic photo of Millie, she certainly is enjoying herself. Millie will have to ba a good girl this evening as she is off to her second lesson at puppy school.
Thank You Liza and Sue, we will look forward to seeing a photo of Millie at school


necke said...

High there all you bedlington enthusiasts.
I am living in Germany and by chance came over this site. I am just pleased to find all the pictures and since I am living without my fellows I am longing to get in touch with other people sharing my love for Bedlingtons. Hoping to hear from some of you soon...

Mark & Jan said...

Excellent picture Liza & Sue, Millie seems to enjoying herself in the North East surf, just like her mam, try & keep her out of it!
Will be interested in seeing her next month, she appears to be developing.

Lesley Caines said...

Necke lovley to hear from you, As long as the photos come in there will be somehing new on here everyday. Thank you so much for posting a comment and welcome to bedlingtonpictures.