30 September 2007

London & Home Counties Terrier Club
Post Graduate

Judge Mr Ken Bartlett

Post Grad
1. Mrs J Colliers Mollora Little Rosie
2. Mr K Bounden & Miss M Alders Lowbrook Lark of Tolpedn
3. Mrs C Harris Ratzwell Sweet Dream
Res. Miss S Harris & Mr I Budd Ratzwell Indepedence
1. Mrs J Colliers MiteyMidgets Cruiser
2.Mrs L Winstanley's Ratzwell Blue Ash
3.Mrs C Harris Ratzwell Branigans Boy
BOB Mrs J Colliers MiteyMidgets Cruiser
RBOB Mrs J Colliers Mollora Little Rosie

Unfortunately Martin's Camera packed up for BVIS which was won by Mrs L Winstanley's Ratzwell Blue Ash.
Mrs J Colliers MiteyMidgets Cruiser was shortlisted (6) from 23 dogs for BIS.
What a great day for the Collier family many congratulations!


Mark said...

Well done, congratulations from the North.

matthew said...

well done the colliers.
i take it your friend who judged on your visit to the north east wasn't judging.
well done.

Tina W said...

Well done to all winners.

maureen said...

well done to all, good turnout.

dawn said...

well done to all winners from de-bussey bedlingtons

Viv said...

Congratulations to the Collier gang - we missed you at Yarmouth Show (wondered where you'd got to - obviously you thought, quite rightly as it turns out, that L&HCTC was a better bet ....) See you soon in this neck of the woods, we hope, all the best, Viv and the Sevray crew

-------- said...