31 October 2007

Tina Welsh has a large blue plastic dog bed for sale bidding starts £1.00-and all her three dogs fit in it!
Highest bidder at 6pm Friday wins! The money for this iten is going to Bedlington rescue.
Maureen: I could do with one for my kennels, how about £2
Mark :£2.50p
Lesley: £2.70p
Maureen ups her bid to £2.95.
If you would like to bid for this item please put it in the comments.
With Christmas just round the corner, I am going to put in the index column "Articles for sale or wanted." If you have any unwanted items in good condition or are looking for a particular item this will be the place, just email me the details and if possible a photo and l will upload it for you. Chrisitne Slatcher will once again be selling hand made collars and there are still BTA calendars available! All monies will go to the seller, it will be up to each individual if they wish to put in a donation to Bedlington Rescue.

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Tina W said...

The bed up for grabs is 29 1/2 x 19 1/2 at the base and 34x24 ins at the top.