12 October 2007

Bedlington Blog Friday Mail
Quiet, quiet, quiet this weekend in the Midlands if you have any news of open shows do let me know. Once again the photos are running low on my desk top so do take your camera if you are out and about. I will put in another order for sweat shirts after the North East Bedlington Meet on the 21st. All the sweat shirts from the original order have now been collected or posted.


Anonymous said...

Yes Lesley, it is the Terrier Club of South Wales on Sunday. It is also baby Mayas first show!
Jane G.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Birthday to baby Maya, and very good luck for Sunday, she has a terrific personality and I recon will really strut her stuff in the show ring. Looking forward to some photos.

Lesley said...

I wrote the last comment on a friend's lap top can't get the hang of using without a mouse!