22 October 2007

Bedlington Pictures Reporters
Many thanks to the kind people who have volunteered to give up a a little of their spare time to help me out the blog.
Sunday Tricia : U S A
Monday Victoria: Our junior reporter
Tuesday Tina: The Midlands
Wednesday Maureen : Wales
Thursday Mark: The North East
Friday Stewart: London And The Home Counties
I am still look for volunteers for Scotland, The Southwest, The North West and East of England. As this is a photographic blog just a short paragraph on anything to do with Bedlingtons in your area, a photo would be great but is not necessary.
Just a note to all the new blog viewers, do check out our library where photos of all the exhibitors and winners from many of this year's Championship Shows and club open shows can be viewed.


Tricia said...

YIPES!!! You have taken the whole of the UK and broken into bits for people. I have the WHOLE USA!! I hope I do okay with this and don't let y"all down.

Lesley R Caines said...

You'll do fine Trish, just a LITTLE of anything that takes your fancy!