19 October 2007

Bridget and Brenda have a quick drink during their evening walk


maureen said...

sorry a bit behind were do these dogs live.

matthew at seaofiron said...

hi maureen, the top pup, bridgett is out of mouse.
she's seaofiron here it comes.
the other is makems honky tonk woman.
they live in cambridge with mary and her family

Mark said...

& Z in the picture below is Brendas father!
You would think they were the same dog

Mary said...

oh wow - yea don't they look alike!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary

Your girls are looking good. Must be the Cambridgeshire air and your loving care.

Derek & Eileen

Mary said...

Derek and Eileen

thanks - yea they are looking good - my loving care is more like an obsession now!!!!! They are really lovely and getting on so well together - Brenda is not happy at the mo cos we have been at a show today and Bridget has been staying the 'Grandma and Grandad' and not home yet - Bren is wandering around looking for her and looking really sad!!!!