22 October 2007

Devon and Cornwall Terrier show
Congratulations to Enid with Ecco Pengerrig iron Duke who took Best of Breed yesterday.


Tina W said...

Was there only you Enid? Thought that Bernadette and Katrina would have been there-well done.

enid said...

Yes, Tina.
It was a bit disappionting that no one else entered. It was a 300 mile round trip for us and I only entered because we were going to spend a few days in Devon but had to alter our plans. As we had offered to give Ken a lift to the show we had to go!
We enjoyed the day and the company.

Tina W said...

And that's what it's all about Enid
having a nice time.

Stu said...

Surely Ecco now has enough points to qualify for his Show Certificate of Merit.
Go to the K.C. website for an application form.
Doesn't mean much but looks good on the paperwork and there's only a few Bedlingtons with it.