31 October 2007

For Skye
He took you to be a sunbeam to brighten all our days.
He took you to be the starlight so darkness goes away.
He took you to be a rainbow to make our wishes on.
He took you to be an angel to live forever on.
And when we raise our eyes to the heavens above.
We know that you are safe there wrapped in God's special love
Composed by Teena


matthew at seaofiron said...

thanks teena.

teena said...

your welcome, i cant stop thinking about you all, i love my beddy so so much, like a child, and i can feel your pain cause i just dont know what i would do if i lost her, worst thing about having pets i guess cause its inevitable that you have to let them go one day,(time does heel slowely) we got poppie to try to help heel my pain of losing my little boy 2 yrs this december, i have two grown up boys but my husband didnt have any children of his own.. i gave birth to our son nathan but he didnt survive, we cant have any more, so in a nut shell, i know how it feels to lose something preceous! getting poppie helped me a lot, you never get over it, but time helps to ease the pain... do you have any more dogs? will you get another beddy in time?

Jill & Sarah said...

So sorry about Sky, our thoughts are with you Matthew and Anne-Marie. I know it's no substitute, but you have your other dogs to cheer you up.

Vera said...

I was very sad to hear that Skye, a champion so recently, had to be put to sleep.

Our thoughts are with you.