29 October 2007

Jack Bojangles
Monday and here is our junior reporter Victoria Colley with her latest news.
We took jack to obedience training on monday night. Things were going really well until he saw my Dad stroking a whippet, then things went downhill rapidly. Even his favourite treat, lambs heart, could not his hold attention. My Dad had to leave the hall, then Jack settled down a bit.
On Thursday night at ring craft the exact opposite happened! Jack wouldn't settle and wanted to play with all other dogs,then of a all sudden he was going straight up and down the mats and I was even shown a few junior handling tips by my new friend Naiomi.
I hope to have some photographs soon. The lady who runs the ringcraft has a 6 mth old, blue bedlington puppy. She says the puppy's father is Stewart' s Champion Lowbrook Llaffan .
We have been following the story of Skye and hope she recovers soon. I met Mathew and Anne-Marie at the Funday,and they kindly let me stroke the puppy they had.
Victoria and Jack
Well Victoria looks like you have your hands full training Jack. I am so pleased you have met a friend who is interested in Junior Handling. I think you and Jack are going have loads of fun next year!


maureen said...

well done victoria,that was a great report,and your dog looks great in the picture,it sounds as though you have your hands full with him,but he will calm down.

Tina W said...

Good report Victoria-my dogs love lamb hearts too!

enid said...

Exellent reporting.
I am so pleased that you are enjoying your ringcraft classes and that you have another Junior handler to give you tips. Jack will soon be the best behaved dog in the class.

billy said...

looks like you will not be needing me to handle Jack at crufts then.
keep it up,he is a great little dog.

victoria and jack said...

thankyou all for all your very kind comments.
billy, we might well be needing your expert help at crufts
we also think he is great!

Ed Rebecca Ralphie and Jack said...

Well done Victoria nice to read about Jack's antics. He'll soon calm down at obedience, everything's still new and exciting. Hopefully we'll be seeing you all on Saturday, and Larry too!