26 October 2007

Late Night News
Just wanted to wish everyone good luck tomorrow, we will all be bleary eyed with such an early start of judging. Hopefully tomorrow evening we will have a photo of Best Of Breed on here and all the exhibitors and class winners by Sunday. Many thanks to all the new reporters, I can't tell you how nice it is to turn on the computer in the morning to find regional reports, not only is it great to hear from other people on the blog but it certainly takes the pressure off me when there are only a few photos on my desktop! We will all be thinking about Skye and keeping everything crossed that she is on the road to recovery. All the sweat shirts are ordered but unfortunately are not ready, as soon as I have them I can post them off or if you don't mind waiting hand them out at LKA. Apparently there are 10 Bedlingtons entered at Romsey Open Show next Tuesday.
Well that's it from me tonight, bye for now.


Elaine & Mac said...

good luck tomorrow to all you show people from all us pet people.

Mat and Anne marie - try to get some sleep-tomorrow will be a long day - hope it goes well for Skye and she is home with you soon.

matthew at seaofiron said...

thank you elaine.
hopefully we are going to see skye today.

Anonymous said...

is that a beddie or a teddy nearest to the camera??
its a bit white!!!