26 October 2007

Good Morning blogers, here is our weekly report from Stewart ( London and the Home Counties)
All a bit quiet in the home counties at the moment with little to report.
Maurice starts this season's work next week on our shoot near Newbury and after six years he is starting to show an interest in feather as well as fur. Much as I love him, I've never known a Bedlington like him, he's a real sensitive woos. I'll let you know how he gets on in future reports. Too much "working" blood seems to have dulled his instincts as all his "show" bred ancestors have been keen to kill on sight. His granny, Ch.Skewhill Cu Free at Lowbrook being particularly bloodthirsty; even, to my horror, leaping on a muntjac she encountered in the beaters line. She also "marked" rabbit holes for the ferrets and amazed the 'keeper by going on full point to pheasants, not going in until told. His mum, Lowbrook Lilo Lil, was obsessed by ducks and we often successfully ran her around the flight pond after a shoot to pick up the wounded after the "proper" gun dogs had supposedly done their job.
Does anybody have any tips on how to get him fired up, 'cos he's a bit of an embarrasment at the moment.
See y'all at Midland Counties.


Morrises fanclub said...

Is his tail always wagging?

kevin said...

take him out on his own your other dogs seem to be taking control and he's quite happy to let them do so afew kills on his own and there will be no stopping him

Anonymous said...

Two bricks...............but mind you don't catch your fingers

steve said...

I think hes a smashing dog stue

Stu said...

So do I but he's still a woos.

Tricia said...

I love his color. He is quite a looker.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the name Maurice and killing stuff don't go hand in hand ;-).
Seriously though,some dogs never show an aptitude , no matter what their breeding. If he isn't up for it at six years old ...time is running out.

Good colour though, he looks positively tough , compared to those
Australian nasties.