30 October 2007

Ode to Skye
My little Skye it time to go, leave us behind we love you so,
Its time for you to go to heavens new, where run and play is all you do.
With angels you will play tonight, and sleep in a place that's o so bright
We will remember you for ever more, the love you gave us and much much more
Only one thing left for us to say, that's we will meet again some day
Kisses and cuddles we will have once more, my little Skye who we do adore.
Good night, and god bless my little lamb.
Steve and Sharon Ross
This poem was written by Steve for Mathew and Ann-Marie who shared their lives with Skye


Madeline said...

Steve and Sharon

So sorry about Skye. The only downside to loving dogs is that they don't live long enough. Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

who's dog is this "steve and sharon ross's " or matthew and ann-marie,s its a sad day when your pet go's there like family so sorry matthew ann-marie

matthew at seaofiron said...

thanks steve.