22 October 2007

Out with the dogs at Crimdon on Saturday
I'm ready lets go off to the show its time for me to start,
I might Be first I might be last but it is nice for me to take part
Don't know wear I'm going dad said on the phone I think a cc show,
I don't really care but when I get there I will be ready to go,
Go up and down then stand around till judge makes up his mind,
But win or lose I still get a hug because my dads really kind,
I will try and be good and do as I'm told but sometimes its really hard,
But my mam said that if I was I might get a red card,
All this fuss don't matter to me but it does make my dad smile,
So I will be good and I will do as I'm told cause its only for a while
Many thanks to Steve for the photo and Badger for the poem.


maureen said...

gosh i thought it was sylvia.

donna said...

which ones cracker steve

steve said...

Hi Dona second from left with her nose on the ground she keeps the rest of them in check

Anonymous said...
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