31 October 2007

Show update and my news
I don't know of any shows this weekend with bedlington classes, please let me know if you are entered somewhere.
Sat the 10th of November sees Ron Menaker judging at Cheltenham and District Canine Society Show. I am hoping to get a short interview with Ron as he judges the breed in many different countries and has been involved with Bedlingtons in America for many years!
Saturday the 17th November is the West Midland Terrier Society Show , three classes being judged by Dawn Bussey. I have asked Dawn to let me know how many entries she has.
This Saturday sees the Midland Bedlington ( hands On )Seminar. On speaking to Dorothy Owen the secretary yesterday she told me that a few people attending the assessment have got nerves about the whole thing! Dorothy says the event is meant to be a relaxed learning experience it is not difficult and enjoy the day!
The winner of Mark's caption competition is Stewart with (Wadduz he mean toenail time? Soon as he opens the roof vent I'll pee on him). Mark says she hates been groomed in any shape or form & will go anywhere to hide to get out the way as soon as the grooming equipment comes out. Congratulations Stewart and many thanks to Mark for running the competition. If you have an interesting photo, and could donate a small prize for a competition just let me know.
And finally Poppy (Gnejnabay Zena of Bugibba) got a group 2 yesterday at Romsey. I can't tell you how just awful the venue was, indoor riding school, say no more, I will post a couple of photos when I get time!


Tina W said...

Well done with Poppy-and suppose I'd better congratulate Stuart for winning the bubbly! well done.

maureen said...

well done lesley,,, has that stuart got to win all the time, i dont care i dont drink, if it was chocolates i would be miffed,

Stu said...

Thanks Mark!

Poor Les.
All your gear and dogs will stink of horse for the next few weeks but congratulations anyway.

teena said...

congratulations to stewart.. i,m gutted i didnt win he he! who,s next for a pic to put captions to? that was fun!

maureen said...

teena have got any sugestions for the next quiz, i thought your trampoline was a winner,

Anonymous said...

so did we but as normal stewart wins or do you think janmark are after a free stud

Angie said...

Stuart's not very good at it!!!

maureen said...

ha ha.so he's not going to win then.