21 October 2007

Sunday Bedlingtonland News
Firstly do try and get a copy of the Countrymans Weekly to read the report on Billy and Colin after their terrific win at the Moorgreen Working Bedlington Championship.

Safe Journey to Darren who is travelling down south today to collect his new puppy bitch. I think it is going to be very quiet at Sandra's house with all the tiny paws off to their new homes this weekend.

Last chance for sweat shirts, the order is going in Tuesday, please put a comment on the sweat shirt list if you would like to order .

We have Bedlington fans from all over tuning in to the blog most days and I thought it would be great to have a regional report every week. I am looking for a few kind people to write just ONE paragraph every week for the blog. It can be about anything to do with Bedlingtons in their area or if nothing is happening just about their own dogs. Just a paragraph, may be to include new puppies, what went on at ring craft, local show news, informal gatherings, rescue and rehoming etc. You don't have to send in a photo but if you can all the better. With a little bit of persuasion I have have five volunteers already and looking to fill the other areas:

WALES: Maureen wright

MIDLANDS: Tina Welsh

NORTH EAST: Mark Walshaw






U S A: Tricia


YOUNG REPORTER : Victoria Colley is going tell us about junior handling or anything about their own dogs or other dogs and events in their area.

Looking forward to hearing from any kind bedlington folk who can help us promote the blog and give just a few minutes each week to write just a little about bedlingtons in their area.


Tina W said...

Where is Billy?Havn't seen him blogging on for a while-hope everything is ok-calling Mr. Fisher!!

billy said...

im here,everything ok,just been a bit bizzy.bedlington get together today at cornforth,got there a bit late but got some pik's

maureen said...

c/mon folks can we have some more names please.

Tricia said...

I signed on for US reporter. Bear with me though.....YIPES!!

Tina W said...

Nice one Billy-get them sent to Lesley!

billy said...

trish,what is the latest on my puppy?