14 October 2007

Sunday Blog News
We have just returned from 4 days break away with the caravan, this being our first outing since Jon's accident. We have had a lovely time but it has been really hard updating the blog everyday from a strange computer, it is amazing just how different it was to mine. Trying to work on a laptop without a mouse sent me crazy!
While away I took the photo of Zeypher, what a cracking little dog he is, and he certainly has a dog's life free running all day about the stables and hen sheds.
No news from South West Terrier as yet but will let you know as soon as I get the info. Poppy and Millie's mum ( Megan) had a union with Harry this week, pups not due until December but Sandra is keeping a list of anyone interested. Megan had three livers last time in the litter and I know there are several people looking for liver pups.
Looks like I am the new moderator of the BTA website, Jon is having to do it for me at the moment, being a bit senile it will take some time for me to feel confident in using all the soft ware programmes needed to operate the site. Many thanks to Martin who has sent through software discs and helped us to get started.
Please let me know of any open show results, also two weeks until Midland Counties and not many photos on my desk top!


Tina W said...

Hi Lesley glad you enjoyed your break away with the van-it's been really mild for the time of year-we wern't cold at the fishing week and had an enjoyable time with Angela winning the prize for the biggest catch of the week.

Tricia said...

Nice to hear that you and Jon are getting to do some of your favorite things again. How is Jon getting on? I'm guessing pretty well since you are on the road again.

Lesley R Caines said...

Hi Tina hope to have some fishing photos from Maureen soon for the blog. Congratulations to Angela for winning the biggest catch of the week. Tricia Jon is doing really well just down to one stick and hopefully be walking unaided by Chridtmas. I sent your parcel off last week so you should recive it soon, it is really exciting to think of folk wearing the sweat shirts in other countries!

Tricia said...

Thank you Lesley, it will give me a reason to go to the Post Office to get my mail.......besides the obligitory bills always wait in my box!! I will let you know when it arrives.