30 October 2007

Tuesday, and here is Tina's report from the Midlands
The Wallers in Rotherham have had a bad couple of weeks. First their old timer Duke (Ch Skewhill Stay Lucky) who is 15, has had a bad few days of diahorrea and not eating but luckily has perked up and even gone on a good walk. Then Sandra started feeling unwell and weak last Monday and by Thursday had the trots too-she's on the mend now although still feeling fragile. She says Blue seems a bit off colour today so fingers crossed he's not coming down with the bug. Tony's friend who is 90 has been hospitalised as he's had a mini stroke. When Tony rang his home this evening his rescued Jack Russel answered the phone, and started whining and crying to Tony, so he's popped down to give the dog some company and tell him his dad should be home tomorrow-bless!
Thank you Tina, I hope Sandra and the dogs are all feeling better, I think they have all gone down in sympathy with one another! Hope Tony is not next.

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maureen said...

thats a clever dog, perhaps tony can teach him to help look after his owner,at least tell him when the phone rings, i hope the waller family soon get better.