30 October 2007

Wednesday and here is our report from Maureen in Wales

Here we go, Enid has found a new vet in MERTHYR she is really impressed with the practice the name is VICTORIA VETS PRACTICE, the vet Katherine Lloyd, has never seen a bedlington with copper toxicocis in her 10 years as a vet, I hope she never does, and would like to be kept informed of any new developments on the subject. The cost of the booster was 28 pounds, that is a lot cheaper than my vets, I paid more like 40 pound, as always it pays to shop around, I am sure Enid will add to my comments.
I bet many of you did not know that besides Bedlingtons Tim Bouse's other passion is boxing, he helps to train around 50 boys, but sadly the club called All Saints Boxing Club, has lost their training hall, so if they can't find another hall, then there will be 50 boys with nothing to do, it seems such a shame after all the work the trainers have put in.
Paula will not be at the next show L.K.A. as the is having a new kitchen fitted, the worst room to have a make over as we all use the kitchen so much, besides that she has a rotten cold, but the dogs don't care, just look where they have made their bed.
Steve and Tracey have a new puppy Bella the lurcher, what a cracker, they have sent a photo of her catching her first rabbit, Kevin who bred her will be so pleased.
Please keep your pets safe this weekend its bonfire night,
This is for skye from Wales, goodby and god bless!
Thank you so much Maureen for news from Wales!

We don't like the idea of a new kitchen, nothing wrong with the old one!

Look what I've caught says Bella!


Tina W said...

Bella is a cutie-wonder if Steve will work her-It's always good to know of a reasonably priced vets as you never know when you may need their services and hope Paulas cold clears up soon.

keep them outside said...

steve the only thing that bitch is going catch is a cold if you keep on pampering her like that.

steve R. said...

Ha ha.
I will pass that message onto the Boss.
Not much room in the Kennels since she threw me out.
She wants to split every thing
50/50 she gets the inside and I get the outside.

maureen said...

tracy has the right idea.kev what do think of bella on the leather,

shakin stephens said...

tim if your not busy next year, will you be my minder for the next champ show that i judge.

kevin said...

it makes me swear in welsh

matthew at seaofiron said...

thanks maureen.

kevin said...

hey paula is that bernard under the dogs? we all know he'l sleep on
a galloping hedgehoggs back.

Paula said...

LOL wait till he hears that!

No Kev, that's just his dirty clothes, he's too busy re-wiring and fitting the kitchen to sleep - he's staying awake for whole days now.

maureen said...

paula just keep taking the tablets

Anonymous said...

is that a welsh rabbit