20 October 2007

You did say bed!
Now this is more like it! They definitely need to upgrade their caravan to fit in one of these!
Thanks to Davie for the photo.


Anonymous said...

I could fancy a lay down on that bed myself, looks very comfortable.

sorry for the anonymous heading, new here & dont know how to get the blogger thing to work.

Helen Fraser.

dawn said...

hi helen if you scroll down to were it sayes chose identity and click on other and then add your name your name will come up welcome to the blog cheers

Helen_Fraser said...

Hello Dawn, LOL Thanks for the help I have been online trying to set up some sort of goggle blogger thing for ages, not got a clue what its for....never thought of trying the 'other' dont I feel like the jackass now.!!

thanks again

Steve said...

best kennels iv ever seen can I book 6 in for a week in July

Mark said...

Wow, nice boudoire.

I do not think it would last that colour long after the dogs had a day in the fields?

Davie_Scotland said...

Your right there Mark,.. His normal position is getting washed down in the bath out side & chased with the hairdryer. Is there ANYTHING that does not stick to Bedlington coat???

Tina W said...

Even the snow balls up in their coat.

maureen said...

davie can i be your dog.

Davie_Scotland said...

No problem Maureen, always room for one more.