13 October 2007

Zeypher is a new Bedlington to the blog, he spends all day looking for rats in the stables and round the hen sheds. Thank you to Jack for the photo.


Tina W said...

Crickey-these lovely bedlingtons keep appearing-so nice to see all the new faces.

Sandra said...

Hi Tina this is p0ppy and millies brother not exactly show cut but he enjoys his work

matthew at seaofiron said...

nice photo.
our 4 love it up at the stables too.
as soon as we get there its skyes mission to find the cat!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is paige the other onwer of zeph he is gougses and most frinly bedllington here.And at home i am so luck to have a beautieful doggie around and thank yo ufor commeing roud to take pictuers of our puppy dog

Lesley said...

Hello Paige, it was so nice to see Zypher and take some photos.
We would all love to see some more photos when you have time,
perhpas you can take a photo of him looking for rats round the stable?