30 November 2007

Judges for 2008 Championship Shows where Challenge Certificates are on offer

Crufts: Mrs C A Smallwood-Cleveley
National Terrier: Viv Rainsbury
W.E.L.K.S: Shiela Baldwin
Birmingham: Shirley Davies
S.K.C: Harvey Bell
Southern Counties: Ron Menacker U. S. A
M.B.T.C: Tony Waller
Blackpool: Hans- Let-inen
Windsor: Brian Rogers
Paignton: Christine Bell
Leeds: Brian Emsley
National Bedlington: Craig Richardson
Welsh Kennel Club: Roger Wright
S.K.C: Ernie Hill
Darlington: Trevor Rowe
B.T.A: Carlos Savich
Driffield: Judy Averis
Midland Counties: David Taylor
L.K.A: Margeret Phillips

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Billy the Kid said...

Any judges for the Non-CC shows?