26 November 2007

Tuesday and it is time to talk to our Midlands reporter Tina

My goodness the weeks just seem to be flying by-seems like only a couple of days ago that I was sending my report to Lesley .Only four weeks 'till Christmas and I haven't done any Christmas shopping to speak of-will be panicking shortly! Tony and Sandra Waller have been under the weather again with a stomach bug, no sooner do they get themselves better and something else strikes, Sandra is looking forward to the end of 07 as it's been a rough year for them. Tony has finally decided he's going to become a silver surfer, Brian is going with him tomorrow to help him buy a computer. My sister in laws pups are thriving although sadly one died on Tuesday, Frosty sensed something wasn't right and kept ousting it from the nest on Monday, the wonder of nature as he looked perfectly normal.
Till next week. Tina
Wow Tina what a gorgeous litter of lurcher pups, oh how I could take a brown one home! Your Colin must be one proud Dad.

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maureen said...

yes lovely litter tina, the poor waller's they dont like years with a 7 in, i think they will have a good drink new years eve.