31 December 2007

Being Monday it is our young reporters day

Here's the report for Monday form Sarah

Saturday was Luton Canine Association's Premier Open Show & the breed judge was a Mr B Gray. The winners were as follows,
1st Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget).
1st Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie)
2nd Makems Honky Tonk Woman (Brenda).
1st MiteyMidgets Cruiser (Lilly)
2nd Sevray Dasiy JW (Daisy)
3rd Ch Sevray Just Rumours SHCM (Pinfold).
BOB & Terrier Group four went to Mollora Little Rosie, BP & Terrier Puppy Group four went to Seaofiron Where Angles Play & RBOB to MiteyMigets Cruiser. Lilly & I had a surprise when in the middle of the YKC Handling class they played the national anthem very loud, It frightened the life out of the dogs & me, But once it had finished we carried on & got Reserve (4th) out of six ,but unfortunately we didn't get any photos. The venue was Wood Green Animal Shelter so we had a look at the animals, there were some lovely Greyhounds & a Lurcher.
Bye for now Sarah.
Fantastic Sarah! what a day for the Collier bedlingtons, many congratulations to you and of course Mary with little Bridget.


Tina W said...

Well done to all winners,glad you had the time to look round the shelter-it's a busy time for rescue places.

Sue & Liza said...

Yes, Congratulations to all. Sounds like a good day!

maureen said...

Well done to the Colliers, you certainly have your good days,

matthew at seaofiron said...

excellent result for mary with 'seaofiron where angels play' and also good to see one of our pups doing well.
she also went on to get puppy group 4, which in only her second show is good news.
i also hear that she got a few encouraging words for the future which is nice.
well done mary and the other winners.