12 December 2007


I have just had a phone call from a very upset person who has recently been accused of writing anonymous nasty comments on this blog. I have been told that I am held responsible for the comments written. I can't cope with this, all I wanted to do was make bedlington pictures a fun place for all. I sadly have to inform you all the blog is now closed.


victoria and jack bojangles said...

i am sorry you have closed the blog.if you open it again at a later date then please let us know,i really enjoy writing my report and reading about all the other bedlintons we will speak to you soon and see u at crufts

Nina said...

Great!!!! ONE person made us all pay. I feel sorry for Lesley who does this work for us, using alot of her time for free.
So little respect for other people!
Thank you Lesley for all your efforts. Hope the blog will be back soon. I have really enjoyed it!!

patricia said...

So sad to hear the blogs closing, I for one dashed up every evening to view! I dont show larry, but loved to see the dogs on the blog, hope it can be revived sometime, but thanks Les for finding a home for Honey, she has her new red coat for her new home. she had a lovely run over the cliffs, and is really getting confident. this proves we need the blog x

Anonymous said...

Janet Taylor writes,
I was the person who telephoned Lesley today.Last Saturday at the LKA I was told that my husband,David,was one of the anonymous contributors making derogatory comments about peoples dogs.This is not the case as neither of us are regular visitors to this site and refute any such alegations.
On the few occasions that I have looked at the site I have been increasingly upset by comments placed in this site about people in the breed and their stock,some of these comments have been hurtful,spiteful and totally unnecessary on a site such as this.
It should not be used as a platform for personal attacks and needs to be censored if necessary to stop these comments which have a world wide audience.To this end I suggested to Lesley that the anonymous facility should be removed and that all contributors be identified by name or email address and that no pseudonyms allowed.
The web site is a wonderful idea for new pet owners who can use the site for information and advice from experienced owners and breeders.Name calling does not create a good impression of people in the breed.
Our son was home from London this weekend where he works in the finance sector at Canary Wharf,in his spare time he moderates a web site monitoring house prices,he pointed out the the owner of the web site is responsible in law for any libelous or defamatory statements,and I pointed this out to Lesley.
I hope that this puts the matter straight and it is David and myself's wish that the web site continues.

Pam said...

Great that you are back, you and Jon are to be congratulated for the sterling work that you do.
Thanks again