29 December 2007

Cody the Highland beachcomber

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Cody and I had a great time visiting family. He was a big hit with everyone, and very well behaved. My 2yr old niece is going through a 'frightened of dogs' phase, but she managed to pluck up the courage to feel his fur at least! My 3yr old niece just loved Cody to bits, and he was very good around her. Later, I showed both kids the bedlington blog pics on my sisters computer. They were convinced that every single one was Cody, even the pic of you Lesley with 7 dogs....they were all Cody!!
So now we're back home in Skye where the weather is mild but wet at the moment. It will soon be a new year, and we're looking forward to keeping in touch with all the bloggers and reading their bedlie stories. I may also add a puppy to my household in the spring :-)
Wishing you all a happy new year from Skye,
Marie and Cody
Thank You Marie, so pleased to hear you are back home safe after a fun family Christmas. Oh a new puppy in the spring how exciting what are you considering , a Bedlingon or maybe a Dalmation baby? Whatever it is we will look forward to the photos on the blog.


Tina W said...

Marie-how long was the journey from Skye to Airdrie?

Marie said...

It was just over 5 hours Tina.

Lesley, I'm thinking of getting a blue bedlie girl as a pal for Cody.
I was offered a lhasa apso that needed rehoming, but got my friend to take her as she already has a lhasa apso.
I doubt if I'd get any other breed than a bedlington now :-)

Scotish-Davie said...

Hi Marie, from the photo Cody looks likes he's a big lad what height is he? looks similar in size to my dog.

Greetings & kind regards from Lanarkshire.

Marie said...

He's only around 16 inches Davie.
I think this pic make shim look bigger somehow.

maureen said...

and where are you getting yor little puppy from, or is a surprize, i bet Cody will love it.

Marie said...

Maureen, I dont know yet..so its a surprise to me too :-)
I'm on the lookout, so if anyone hears of puppies let me know!

Tina W said...

Could be a few born after christmas.

Marie said...

I'm even compiling a shortlist of names!
Looking for something gaelic, but as I'm not too familiar with it I need to ask some of the folks up here about pronunciation etc.