17 December 2007

Good morning from Sarah
Here is the report for Monday : On Wednesday Mum & I took Lilly on a P.A.T visit. Lilly has been a Pets as Therapy dog since the 15th of January 2007,
We take her on a regular P.A.T visits to a nursing home to see her friend. Lilly loves going on P.A.T visits & seeing all the different people. I think the bit she likes the most is when they get a cup of tea with a biscuit & Lilly sometimes gets a bit of biscuit. Tonight we are going to the Barking Canine Clubs Junior Handler of the Year,
So fingers crossed I don't make a mistake & I'll let Lesley know how I did.
I've updated Lilly's web page with some of this years results & will put some more photos up : http://www.thecolliers.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/lilly.htm
Luckily we did not have any shows this weekend because Dad had to go to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire on Sunday.
See some of you Sunday Sarah
Hello Sarah how nice to see a Bedlington as a therapy dog, they are such a friendly breed, bedlingtons love people especially those with biscuits to give away! Good luck for tonight we will all be thinking for you, and looking forward to hearing how you did.


Sue & Liza said...

Hi Sarah

Best of luck for tonight, I'm sure you'll do really well.

Lilly looks absolutely fantastic - we've had a look at her web page and all the photos, she's gorgeous.

We were thinking about getting into P.A.T. visits with Millie when she's a bit older, so it's nice to hear that Lilly has such a good time on her visits. We'll probably come to you for some tips when we start!

enid said...

Good luck for tonight.
Keep up the good work with Lilly.
It means so much to the residents when they see such lovely dogs.

maureen said...

good luck tonight, my first bedlington was a pat dog,i too loved to visite the elderly, a couple of the champ shows have classes for PAT dogs, have you ever entered them.

Tina W said...

Good luck for tonight-keep up the great work you're doing-you are kept really busy with handling and PAT too.

maureen said...

how did you do,

matthew at seaofiron!!!!!!!!!! said...

peace man!!