17 December 2007

Good Morning from Victoria

It has been very quiet down here in Kent, there has been no obedience training apart from the little I have been doing at home. Ring craft finished with a party, there was a raffle at the end and jack won a Christmas stocking. we went round to Pats midweek to see Honey after she had been spayed. My dad said she was looking much better than when he had first seen her.Jack and Larry were being very gentle with her. We are so glad that honey has found a new home with Francis. Pat was very upset on Saturday when she said goodbye to Honey but we think Pat is an angel for taking Honey in and caring for her until she could find her a new home. We know honey will be much happier and we wish her well in her new home and we look forward to hearing about how she gets on in her new home. I'm so glad the website is back to normal I'm sure you will all agree it will be a sad day if it had to close down. Lesley and Jon work so hard keeping it going so we can all talk and look at pictures of each others dogs. I would miss writing my report and reading all your kind and helpful comments.i I would like to thank Jon and Lesley for giving me the chance to do so.
Merry Christmas,Victoria and Jack Bojangles
Hello Victoria it won't be long now before you handle Jack at his very first proper show, we are all very proud of you with the work you have put in to Jack. I am sure by the time he gets to Crufts he will behave perfectly and that will be down to you, Well done !


Sue & Liza said...

Hi Victoria

I like the sound of the Christmas party - has Jack eaten the contents of his Christmas stocking yet?? Millie has a party at the end of her obedience class this Sunday, so we're looking forward to some fun and games there too.

enid said...

Happy Christmas to you and all the family. I'm so glad that you saw Honey before she left. I'm sure we'll see lots of photos on the blog.
Keep up the training over the holidays. A little bit and often does wonders.

maureen said...

hi there i bet you are glad, you are back on the blog,i think you realy missed it,have any of your friends got dogs,if they have perhaps you could put there pictures on.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

our training club christmas party on tuesday night, no doubt we will be having trifle & pease pudding?

Tina W said...

Enjoy Christmas-hope santa is good to you!!

victoria said...

to maureen and elwyn

thankyou soooo much for the lovely x-mas card
its beautiful.