26 December 2007

Greetings from us over the border in Wales

Hope all you bloggers had a great time, there is not much to report at the moment, the only thing to report on is food, chocolates, drink and presents, the weather is mild which is great, so no cold and wet dogs.
So carry on enjoying your selves from the Welsh blogers. Brian Jean / Tim Julie / Enid Hefin / Kevin Deb / Clifford Pat / Steve Tracy / Diane / Frances Chris / Paula Bernard / Rhiannon / Maureen Elwyn / and Madeline. If there is anyone I have forgoten I will say sorry now. I hope you get some good bargains, if you are of to the sales, or are you keeping your pennies for Crufts ?
That's it for now.


Tina W said...

Have you had ant bargains at the sales mo?

maureen said...

yes i have

matthew at seaofiron!!!!!!!!!! said...

greetings wales.