23 December 2007

Hi from the US.

Let me first wish all my bedlington picture friends a magical and joyful Christmas season. Things are pretty quiet here, with Christmas coming on and all. However on my bedlington front, my month has been very busy. I got my new puppy, Chelsea's Tangled Up In Blue, call name Amelia on 30 Nov. It was a very long drive to get her into the depths of the Washington DC traffic on a Friday afternoon. People have to be crazy to live like that!!!! About 10 minutes drive from the insanity is Linda Freeman's house (the breeder I got Amelia from).....beautiful, rural area, deer in the front yard, quiet, lovely house setting up on a hillside. After Linda went over all the paper work with me and the puppies were fed, 2 hours after I arrived I was off again into the craziness.......rush hour lasts for hours in DC. I don't think it actually ever stops. On the road for my return 8 hour trip to my quiet little island. I arrived at the ferry at 3:30am....first ferry leaves at 5 am, so I took the time to sleep. All the dogs were so good....they are so patient and forgiving. Arrived at my house at 6 am. I had left 24 hours before and had been on the road for all but the 2 hours at Linda's. I layed on the dog bed with the girls and the puppy and we all slept for a few hours. Amelia is the sweetest, smartest little girl. I have had her for 3 weeks today and I can't believe all she has learned. She is laying in my lap as I type this, she keeps trying to rest her nose on the keyboard. My girls have accepted her into the pack, although they were a little standoffish at first. The first to welcome her and play was Sam, my cat. I think he was just happy that there was someone smaller than him in the house! The 2 of them have a great time together. So the outside bedlington world may be quiet, but my house has been in full swing with bedlington activity. I am so glad the blog is up and running again, so I can bore you all to death with my ramblings from the US. Have a Merry Christmas and I will do the New Year's wishing next week in my ramblings .

Wow Tricia we tend to forget what a huge country you live in! It must have been a nightmare journey but well worth the effort with your new family member. It will be a very special Christmas with a puppy in the house. I wonder what she will make of the beach, all that lovely sand to run on!


Tina W said...

Tricia-bet your long journey to pick up Amelia was worth it-glad she's settled in well.Have a lovely christmas.

maureen said...

well what a long treck, you must have been shatered, but your puppy will be well worth it, she sounds lovely,

Tricia said...

Shattered, Tattered and my brain scrambled!! I am too old for these marathon trips I used to do with ease. But I had Amelia snuggled on my lap the whole way, and my other girls in the back of the Jeep, and she is a peach, so lucky to have her.