12 December 2007

I have been asked to activate the site so people can make their final comments.



Kevin said...

Dear Both
we would just like to say that we are absolutely gutted that you are closing this fantastic bedlington lovers site and that we have enjoyed logging on to see all the show results, and all the pics of bedlingtons up to all sorts of fun things etc, also the fun young reporters blog too, you have both worked extremely hard to keep this going and updated with allsorts of useful information and on behalf of myself and Deb we would like to say a big THANK YOU!!! and ask if you would reconsider closing the site, but to possibly get everyone that visits the site to log on with their details before they can get straight on the blog so as to deter would be negative bloggers from leaving comments
Anyway whatever you decide we will understand
Regards and thanks again
Kevin & Deb Mumford

victoria and jack bojangles said...

im soooooo upset that this site is closing i would like to thank lesely and jon for all thire hard work.i have really enjoyed writing my report and i will miss talking to everyone and reading their kind comments.it is a shame one person has spoilt this for everyone!i hope to see you all sometime and i would like to wish you all a happy chritmas

victoria said...

great idea kevin!!!

Anne J / Worcester said...

For me the blog is a link with other Bedlington owners and as I don't at present go to shows it has allowed me to see the progress of my latest Bedlingtons brothers and sisters.All I can say is a big thankyou to you Leslie.I am so sorry this has happened but remain grateful for all the information I have collected along the way. Best wishes.

Marie and Cody said...

Please reconsider your decision Lesley.
There must be a way to sort this out in order that this fantastic site can remain open.
It allows bedlington owners from all over to stay in touch and share their news. It helps dogs to be rescued, puppies to be homed, show results to be made known.
It is too valuable and important to be given up easily.
Please dont let one cowardly individual spoil all your hard work....

enid said...

This blog should not be closed.
It has become part of our daily lives but we do appreciate Lesley's
The problem has only arisen because of the irresponsible comments posted by a very small number of individuals who do not even have the courage to identify themselves.
Thank you Lesley and Jon for all your hard work.
Enid and Hefin

Nina said...

Nina sa...
Great!!!! ONE person made us all pay. I feel sorry for Lesley who does this work for us, using alot of her time for free.
So little respect for other people!
Thank you Lesley for all your efforts. Hope the blog will be back soon. I have really enjoyed it!!

roy said...

Im very sorry you closing the blogg im new tothe breed and i've learned so much i will miss logging on and hearing how everyones getting on thanks les and jon for allyour help and advice speak to you soon p.s good idea kevin

MAUREEN said...

WHAT A SAD SAD DAY,how can this be alowed to happen,when you think of all the bad sites on the internet,such as child porn,how on earth can a wonderful blog like this have to close,it has helped so many people in so so many ways,people who are housebound,children are now joining in,judges use it,it helps with critique,i could go on and on,its even helped me with my spelling,lesley and jon won the ticket last week,and today they have had the biggest kick of all,to shut the blog, well we might as well cut her legs of,we certainly show our thanks in strange ways,i myself have been slated on the blog,by anon,but we must not let people wind us up,the old saying is true. STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME,I CANT PUT INTO WORDS HOW HURT LESLEY AND JON MUST BE FEELING,so please people think what you have done to 2 people you have given up a lot of time for you and the love of the BEDLINGTON.

Steve and Sharron said...

This is a very sad day both for bedlington terriers and fans of bedlington pictures, we personly treat the blog like the TV I get my news entertainment and drama all in one hit, Dont know what has happend today to make Lesley decide to close the blog but I am sure she did not take the decision lightly,Many thanks for all your and Jons hard work in keeping us all informed off what was happning in the bedlington world and look forward to seeing you soon Steve and Sharron.

donna&brian said...

this is terrible news and will be sadly missed, everything bedlington thing learnt/done is through here, ive even just had my dinner which i brought over the blog!!!! nice to know everyone hope to see some of you at shows next year and thanks.donna&brian

Tina &Tony W said...

I am absolutely gutted that Lesley and Jon have had to take abuse for an argument that does not even involve them-they have put so much time and effort and yes love into this blog and have been kicked in the teeth by people that have not got the backbone to admit who they are and say their feelings to each other face to face but had to use threats about the blog-result CLOSURE!!
Truth be told I think that there are people that are jealous of the blogs worldwide success and have just had their wish granted with its closure.
Les and Jon I hope that you have a break and reconsider.
I will help in any way I can to have "our blog" running again.
On this sad note I wish all the nice bloggers a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Scottish-Davie said...

Basicly cannot add any more to the comments & emotions listed above. This site has given myself and obviously many other Bedlington owners great pleasure & information, its a pitty that it has to come to this.
Although I do not know all the facts or infact what the issue of the dispute is. But know that Lesley would not take this decision lightly, would appear that there is only going to be one person happy with this outcome & this proberly was always his/her intention to get the blog closed & that is the sad part .

Kind regards to all here.
Davie Haddow.

Mark & Jan said...

Many thanks Lesley & Jon for giving us Channel 'Blog'.

I personaly believe it has done more for the promotion of the breed than anyone could imagine.
Where else could we all receive this type of information & communication on our wonderful breed?
We only got the chance previously to meet up with fellow like minded individuals at shows, the blogg gave us the opportunity to meet up everyday!
I for one could not wait to view the pictures from each show, profesionally taken by Jon (& no doubt painstakinly uploaded to the site) studying the bedlingtons & the peculiar poses / expressions of the exhibitors.

The interest & humour in the competions.
I could go on & on......

It will be a big loss to us all.

My suggestion was going to be the same as the first post of Kevins, make the site more secure & people to register via e-mail prior to been able to post. If it involved extra costs, I for one would have gladly contributed a joining fee.

The people who have spoiled it for all are the people who have continued to post as 'anon', faceless.

Once again many thanks, whatever decision you both make, I am behind you 100%

Mark & Jan said...

May we take this final opportunity to wish ALL a Merry Christmas

maureen said...

I have just spoken to lesley, and your comments have certainly helped , at this moment Jon is working on a way to secure the blog,to get it up and running with safe comments,so fingers x your comments cetainly show how much this blog means to people.

elwyn said...

You can not shut the BLOG i have only just started wearing my bedlingtonpictures sweatshirt, and cap, please jon can you can sort it ///

victoria and jack said...

fingers crossed jon an find a way to secure the blog!if there is anything we can do to secure the blog we will do ie.cost ect.
the first thing i do when i get home from school is log on to the blog,i dont know what i would do if it closed

Tricia said...

When Billy IM'd me and told me this blog was closed I was shocked! Dissapointed doesn't describe how I feel right now. Bedlingtonpictures is part of my morning....some people have a coffeee and read the paper I have a coffee and read the blog. Lesley and Jon have put so much work into this site and then to have grown people behave in such a way they Lesley feels she needs to close it is unbelievable. This blog has done so much good for the breed, please Les, don't let a few get the best of you. I haven't even gotten to tell my "Trip to get Amelia" story. I hope you can find away to keep the blog going. If you can't I will still keep in touch Les and thank you so much for everything. This is a great site and it will be missed by everyone.

Louise said...

I would just like to say how sorry I am that it has come to this. I have been visiting the blog since I got my Jake back in August. Being new to the breed I have found this site very useful – and always have to get my daily fix! Although I’ve mainly been a silent blogger – the few times I shared my pictures of Jake I’ve felt so proud and had lovely comments. I was looking forward to sharing a picture of Jake at his Christmas Party.
Such a shame one mindless, cowardly idiot has to spoil it for everyone else.

elaine said...

my comments echo what has been said already - Bedlingtonpictures has become my obsession - I log on every day!!

I have learnt so much about the breed from all the regular bloggers and tho' we have never met I feel I know you all so well. So much so I have now convinced my husband that a second dog is a must!! This would never have happened without all of you out there.

So - I thank you lesley, Jon and all the bloggers for brightening my day. I am sad that this may come to an end - but if there is any way we can support you and help you to reconsider please do not hesitate to e mail us and we will offer you as much practical help as we can

take care and thank you Lesley

dawn and john said...

from myself and all of the northeast i hope you reconcieder this blog is a great place for bedlington people i for one love been able to talk to all of you down south and wales be for the blog we cot to chat at showes its brought the north and south together never been done before it will be a great loss to honest minded speaking bedlington people we can not let these people win for it looks as if thats what they wanted enyway our shoulders are big and we will suport you all the way you have done a fantastic job of helping bedlington people pleeeeeeeeeeees jon find a way of stopping these nasty people coming on the blog i would like to say to all my freinds out their a merry xmas and a happynew year and to lesley and john a big thank you for all your hard work and think you have brought a lot of good people together dont let them win

jackie said...

I am new to the blog in as much as I have only been visiting it since easter I have been a bedlington lover for some time. I have never posted before but religiously look each day and enjoy the blog very very much. May I also add my voice to the plea to reconsider. I do not show my fella but enjoy seeing those that do and who knows maybe one day I would attend a show.It really does seem to be a shame to end such a worthwhile blog please! There must be a way.
Although I do not know you Lesley I would like to say a very big thank you for the obvious time and energy you have dedicated to this site and to let you know how much I have enjoyed feeling a part of the bedlington community just by looking!!

Sandra & Norman H said...

Thank you Lesley &Jon for all your hard work We all have lost our Blog BUT anonymous has surely just won B O B in the COWARDICE & SPITEFULNESS CLASS

matthew , jake, mouse, sasca and blue at seaofiron said...

just put the computer on and cannot beleive what i am reading.
what am i going to do now.
i'll have to buy a television!!lol

whoever this person is, i hope you are proud of yourself.
i also hope you are reading all these comments and realise how many peoples lifes you are going to leave a big hole in.

thanks lesley and jon.

a little message for this person- everyone on bedlington pictures is gunning for you!!!!
and hope you have a shite christmas, new year and the rest of your life is shite too.

everyone else across the world on bedlington pictures happy christmas and a happy new year.


matthew said...

stopping the blogg is letting these people win.
we cannot give into them!!

Louise said...

Please please don't close the blog Leslie .I would like to agree with everything Kev has said.Kev introduced me to the blog in July when Lily had her first litter .It has been a great way for me to see and here how the pups are getting on .When I come in from work I always have to fight with the children to go on the computer so I can have my bedlington blog fix.If you do have to close the site but hopefully you wont perhaps you could set up a chicken site I hear Kev has quite a few different breeds now.Don't let this spoil your Christmas.Happy Christmas from the Jones family in Wales

Lesley R Caines said...

Oh my! What can I say other than it is all YOU folk who have made the blog what it is today, without all the reporters, and friends who have supported me with photos information,encouraging comments and great competitions this blog would not have been the bedlington daily news that it has become. Although running the blog is a very time consuming hobby I will be just as lost as all of you without it. Jon is going to try and make it a secure members only site where there can be no hidden identy. until then I can't thank you all enough for all your kind words. This is your blog and all your contributions have made it the success it is today. Hopefully we can sort something out very soon. LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

rona said...

IM devastated that the blog has closed, when i have a spare min which is usally late at night it has been my wind down for the day. As a reasently new member im still smitten by it it has helped me put names to faces of people i see at the shows why do some people have to back bite i have noticed a little of this on the site and wondered why they cant air there veiws under there name , i think they must be ashamed of what they say ,and so they should be . no won can share there photos veiws tips,proud moments or just keep in touch what a sad day .Well Lesley thanks for all the time yove put in to this and wish you all a merry christmas and healthy, happy and lucky new year

Deb said...

We will all be keeping our fingers crossed that jon can sort it

.... after all we were all looking forward to seeing more of Elwyn in his cap and sweatshirt!!


Paula & Bernard said...

What more can I add? everyone's said it all already. I can't believe some sad person with a personality problem is yet again making trouble for Lesley and Jon. You work so hard to make this blog a success and have both done a wonderful job, it's brought people together, helps us keep in touch and the information available is amazing. Hope you can find a way to ensure that these vicious people can't play their sick games.
But if not, thank you so much for giving us one of the best sites on the web, and everyone have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paula & Bernard o'Leary

Sarah said...

I am a new member of the north east group, but can only attend occasionally. I visit the blog regularly and enjoy the news, useful information, and catching up with our local meetings. It is a great way to keep in touch with the bedlington world. I would also be disappointed if the blog closed, and hope this can sorted out. I have never contributed to a blog before, but would love to share pictures of my 2 bojens: Ed and Ossie. Thank you Lesley for your hard work, building up and excellent site and hope that it reopens soon
Sarah Hailwood

elwyn said...

lesley and john i am so sorry that this sort of hurt full thing has happened to our blog we all enjoy it and its a way of keeping in touch with all our friends far and wide wherever they are and the help it gives to the bedlington folk the person or persons responsible must be very sorry and hurtfull sorts, and no dought all will be revealed they will not win peoples respect with actions like this ... merry xmas happy new year to all our blog members

billy said...

looks like it all has been said,this is a great site for working and show bedlingtons as well as pets/agility/heelwork.
i have been there when lesley has been udating this blog and as she said its a hobby.the dedication is there and i can not think of anyone else who could do this.
the annon's are just so sad and bitter.hope you can sort something out jon to get this show back on the road.

billy & diane
Gipcyan Kennels

roy said...

i'd just like to add to my comment if you could see victorias face as she reads comments from top breeders ,show dog owner and handlers who are so knowledgable and helpful with there encouraging comments it is abseloutly priceless as who would have thought when we got jack bojangles within a year we would be mixiing with the top owners and dogs who are so kind that it really encouraged victoria to go to classes with jack with the aim of handling him at crufts at the young age of 11 years old.this site must stay open please lesely and jon do all you can and dont let the minority sppil it for everyone else

Lorraine said...

I certainly hope that a way can be found to secure the site so that we can continue to enjoy sharing our love of the wonderful Bedlington breed.

I think that Lesley has succeeded in her aim of making this a fun place for all in so far as that can possibly be done. Remember Lesley that you cannot please all of the people all of the time, but you have come close! :)

I do understand the hurt feelings on both sides, it is not nice to work hard for no reward and have hassle for it, nor is it nice to be accused of something bad that you did not do.

However, the real villian of the piece is of course anonymous, who is too unsure of their often cruel and unneccessary opinions to add their name to them. They enjoy hurting peoples feelings and the attention it brings to them. Therefore they should not be allowed to bring down a Blog that is informative and fun, and that gives harmless pleasure to many, myself included. If a way cannot be found to secure the site so that only people who are willing to put their name to their opinions can post, I suggest we could carry on and just totally ignore and/or delete such cowardly posts in future. It is all they are worth.

Now can we get back to having fun, please? :)

sue & liza said...

Dear Lesley & Jon

We can only echo what has already been said - thank you so very much for all of the work you put into the blog, we will be devastated if it has to close due to the nasty, spiteful comments of a very small minority.

We, like so many of our blog friends, check in daily to see what's going on, look at the family photos and the show photos, enter the competitions and of course contribute news & pics of our Millie.

Mark & Jan introduced us to the blog when we got Millie, and as promised it has proved to be a valuable resource as well as a whole lot of fun.

We totally understand how you must feel Lesley, but we do hope that a way can be found to get rid of "anonymous" so that you feel able to continue the marvellous job you and Jon have been doing for the rest of us in Bedlingtonland!

Take care, and a Merry Christmas to you and all the good people on the blog xx